Growing Your Dental Practice for Sale

dental practice valuation

A Dental practice is one of the most essential fields in medicines. The relevance of the profession arises out of the growing need for appropriate dental care for individuals. The practice does not only deal with patients, but healthy individuals who are careful enough to take precautions before the advent of any dental diseases. As such, the business of marketing a dental practice for sale can be lucrative, if done properly.

High Demand

One of the guarantees offered by the marketing business is the ready opportunities for any prospective buyers. Potential buyers of an enterprise would be interested on the rate of returns derived from a dental business, and the growth prospects of such a business. In most parts of the world and major cities, dental diseases are becoming increasingly common. These diseases include: dental erosion, caries, and periodontal disease. Diet, among other factors, contributes to the emergence of high numbers of the victims of dental diseases. These trends indicate the high demand for dental practices. As a result, the likelihood of getting buyers is high. As a business, therefore, marketing a dental practice for sale offers the entrepreneurs several guarantees that are rare to find in the competitive markets. In addition, the demand provides the marketers with leverage to bargain for a reasonable rate in the purchase price. In order to get the best results, the marketers must employ the best strategies.


The marketing plans must involve the use of Internet platforms to reach prospective clients. In the digital and tech-savvy generation, the marketers will miss out on a big proportion of potential buyers if they concentrate only on conventional marketing platforms such as TV and radio. The marketers can use, among others, social media sites to present the offers made. These platforms provide convenient platforms for the potential buyers to communicate with the marketers and gather all necessary information that will facilitate the purchase. In addition, the marketers can take advantage of these platforms to provide potential buyers with the images of the enterprise and the facilities available. As such, the buyers are able to evaluate the value of the enterprise and make their decision based on the information provided. An important trick to be applied in marketing dental practice for sale in online platforms is the use of search engine optimization. This strategy ensures that buyers who otherwise could not have been reached by the marketers are able to get the information when they conduct their search in various search engines.

Conventional Methods

Although the Internet provides the perfect opportunity to market the enterprise in various forms, traditional marketing methods cannot be ignored. TV, radio, print media, and bill-boards can be used to complement the efforts made in Internet marketing. This strategy does not only increase the chances of attracting potential buyers, but covers a wider scope that the Internet would otherwise not reach. For instance, professionals who are too busy may not find time to engage in their social media platforms, but are likely to catch up with news or various programs on their TVs and radio while at home. A high number of buyers allows the marketers to choose the buyer with the best offer.


The marketers, where appropriate, can take advantage of the reputation built by the previous owners of the enterprise. Granted, prospective buyers are keen to investigate the reputation of the business on sale, and are unlikely to buy a business with a bad reputation. Doing so – buying such a business – would be risking an investment that would otherwise be put into better use. It is important, therefore, that marketers for the business on sale explore on the good reputation built by the previous owner. The prospective buyers would be attracted to a business that has a constant flow of customers.


Marketers ought to mention any recommendations made on the specific enterprise on sale. The recommendations can be a major boost for the marketers if they have been made by major authorities in the industry. For instance, recommendations by a dental professional board, ministry or department of health, or an organization that evaluates services provide authenticity on the established dental practice. In addition, it is important to mention the status of the facilities and the building housing the business. Buyers are interested in establishments that offer security of tenure in the tenancy. Building or rentals that are involved in ownership or tenancy wrangles are not attractive. If the business on sale has appropriate securities, the marketers must mention these details to their prospective buyers.

Accounts Payable and Receivable for Small Business

How To Setup Accounts Payable And Receivable For Restaurant

Accounts Payable - Receivable

For your restaurant to be successful enough, you will want to come up with an effective accounting system. The account must include a payable and receivable accounts. This will help you to carry out your business successfully. For example, if you offer a few world class recipes or vary your menu from season to season, with a Duck recipe, then a Vegetarian Recipe, then a  Meatloaf recipe, you will most definitely need the payable and receivable account as you will have numerous vendors that will need to be paid. Here are some basic tips that can help you come up with a reliable accounting system for your restaurant;

Recording the sales

You will want to record the daily sales journal entry in the QuickBooks. You will want to enter separate daily sales, in order to know if you are progressing. You shouldn’t make the monthly or weekly records. With the QuickBooks, you will only make the daily recording. You will be required to analyze the process that the funds will be recorded into your account. You should set up the account to reflect the activity of the recordings.

To make the daily records, you will want to generate some reports that will summarize the sales. You can have the POS system integrated into the account. This will help you know the daily sales and how the restaurant performed on that particular day.

The accounts payable

When you customize your daily sales recordings, you will want to work on the accounts payable. Here, you will want to ensure that the customers can easily make their payment to the account. Ensure you understand how to enter and pay the bills in QuickBooks. These are quick steps to carry and ensure that your customers can easily pay their bills. Ensure that you enter the bill once or twice every week and pay them once every week. You can also pay bills via the online bill payment using a link that goes to your account. This will make it easier to make the payments without difficulties.

You will also want to set up a credit card in the QuickBooks, which will allow the clients to easily dine and pay using their credit cards.


It is always advised to use an outsourced payroll service. This will be vital, especially when you need to pay your workers. Ensure that you file the payroll taxes correctly and on time. You can face serious penalties and interest that can be very much inflicting. You will also want to ensure that it is affordable to outsource your payroll. Choose a company that can offer reliable and affordable payroll services.

Video of a Great Tool to help with your Accounts: 

Financial Reporting

You will want to ensure that you have a reliable financial reporting for the restaurant. In case you are not using the financial reporting, you might be exposed to strict challenges. You should use the sales vs. the cost of the goods sold ratio to the labor ratio. The menu that is available should be rated to the labor used to make it. Ensure that you are making a progress.

If you have a some top recipes in your list, you will want to ensure that the account is reliable and flexible enough to allow the client to enjoy their food whenever they need it.